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Dear valued visitors

The historical photos of the Garden of Dreams are the intellectual property of an individual and the recent photos should not be published commercially without prior consent of this Committee. It is hereby notified that in case anybody publishes the photos illegally, the board will opt for prompt and appropriate legal action.

                                                      Garden of Dreams Development Committee

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Garden of Dreams was restored in cooperation with Austrian Government during the period of 2000 to 2007. The Garden of Dreams became a place of peaceful oasis with full of unique architect and varieties of flowers and fauna brought from the different countries. Garden of Dreams has proved itself that we can develop and restore monuments and palaces as touristic junctions which lie dormant for many years. 

Garden of Dreams has enthralled the visitors ever since it was opened to their delight. To take things into perspectives, Garden of Dreams is our identity as well as national heritage where we can feel proud. It has improved the quality of life of the denizens of Kathmandu valley as well as the tourists want to spend. It refreshes and rejuvenates the mind, body and soul with its ambience and amenities. 
I hope that we can promote the Garden of Dreams in the national and international arena through the significant support from the media. We would like to convey the message that we can replicate this model project to other such potential sites to attract domestic and international tourists as well as can add feather to the heritage of Kathmandu city on the eve of Nepal Tourism Year 2011. The Garden of Dreams today stands as an exemplary work of transforming history into magnificent modern amenity to lure tourists.

We leave no stone unturned to protect and preserve this oasis of peace and tranquility without compromising its sanctity. We are looking forward to adding value to the existing amenities. We are keen to embrace the opportunities to make the garden an icon of rejuvenation amid the bustling and hectic lifestyle of the city. Ministry of Education is also planning to restore its building and gardens when it is shifted to Singha Durbar under the management of Garden of Dreams Development Committee.

Thank you all for your support and cooperation!
Garden of Dreams Development Committee
Kathmandu, Nepal
Take A Souvenir
Whenever you visit Garden of Dreams please don't forget to take a souvenir. We have T-shirts and Postcards available as souvenirs at the Entrance counter.
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